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Creating a Youtube Channel!

2013-02-10 18:36:56 by Matt2k8

Check it out guys:D it would really help me out.

Holy shit.

2012-05-08 14:33:33 by Matt2k8

Ah, exams. Life's a bitch. Guitar, music and sex.


Holy shit.

New Sig.

2012-02-08 18:03:36 by Matt2k8

Another NG is going to make this into a sig for me. This guy's awesome!


2010-09-22 09:04:44 by Matt2k8


Have a great day :D

My Birthday ^^

2009-12-07 12:30:13 by Matt2k8

My birthday. Woot. Tommorow. Woot.

And... I have.. A electric Guitar and a 50mw laser pointer ^^ More shit tommorow.

Btw, does anyone know a good free image hosting website?

My Birthday ^^

Band Pics up!

2009-12-04 18:39:21 by Matt2k8

Yup, band pics. (more later, can't be fucked right now)

Video's soon.

Also, had a operation on my foot. All done now, thankfully..

Band Pics up!

Teh Dot Trilogy (Flash Collab)

2009-05-22 11:33:01 by Matt2k8

Putting Teh Line aside for the moment. Ive decided working on a Teh Dot collab so everyone can join in on the fun! So lets animate!! :D

Link to thread ~ Enlist Noaw! (Pointed out by Krizeh ¬.¬)

Hello Newgrounds! After many decisions and proportions. Ive decided to turn my flash series into a collab - so experienced users and noobs can join in on the fun of making a collab! :D

Please view Teh Dot, Teh Dot 2 and Teh Dot 3 to amiliarize yourself of what excactly Teh Dot is! Like i said before; noobs and experienced users can join in. It's so simple; a four year old could do it! Literally.

Okay i better start with rules and what you will need.

Flash 8 preferably, so i can put the files together. Unless someone eles can do it if they have a higher version that me.
Background: White
FPS: 20
Include your name in the right hand corner of the screen (above)
Minimum sound FX
You have to make a part between 10-20 seconds. You can make 2 parts per user. Depends if you want to though. The second part can only be 5 - 10 seconds.
Audio used: Jerk It Out by The Ceasers

NO Hentai
NO Flaming eachother
Flash forum rules apply here
No picture spamming
No peices of shit work. I know it's simple to animate a dot. But atleast do it with style.
Try some orgininality. Thats what i did!
It has to be decent to be entered into the collab and accepted.

Menu - Krizeh
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 - AdDeOWN 0%
Part 4 - InPutFilms
Part 5 - BludMunz101
Part 6 - Stephen Lockhart (A friend of mine who'll be animating of my old Pc)
Part 7 - IShrim
Part 8 - U-Gamer
Part 9 - Matt2k8
Part 10 - Krizy
Part 11 - TheHappySheep
Part 12 - IShrim
Part 13 -EssHole
Part 14 - CubePanda
Part 15 - Max-O-Man
Part 16 - MakeShift
Part 17 -
Part 18 -
Part 19 -
Part 20 -

Okay, that raps it up for most of it. I wish you luck with your animating!

If anyone could make a menu, that would be awesome! Thank you.


Teh Dot Trilogy (Flash Collab)

New Animation - Teh Line! ~ Requesting Names To Appear In It!

2009-04-06 12:24:52 by Matt2k8

After the Release of Teh Dot 3, i said i wasn't gonna make another BUT! Me and my Brother are gonna work on something eles this time, something funnier, something with better graphics, something users will click 5 on, something we've never done before!

That is Teh Line

As you've probaly guessed (if you haven't, your a dumb-ass, LOL Jokez, :3) instead of a Dot, were working on a line, but unlike Teh Dot, Teh Line can't levitate but is very good at acrobatics.


Preloader page - 100%
First scene - 100%
Second scene - 50%
Third Scene - 0%
Fourth scene - 0%
Fith scene - 0%
sixth scene - 0%
Ending scene - 100% finished Background but 0% animation done on it..
There should be more scenes but i'm still deciding what to do with them

NOTE: I Will Be Updating This News Post Once In Awhile, When i Do More Animating, So Please Keep Checking for any updates!

So far i'm going with GoldFinger SuperMan.

Credit audio hasn't been decided yet, it'll probaly be one of BloodMans Tunes.

So far everything is going great, and i'm especialy pleased with my 1 hour time-to-make backgrounds!

If you can, showing support would be awesome!

Thank you all

~ Matt

Screeny for you all :3 (mine shaft)

HD Version (Click, Click, Click!)


I'm taking requests for names to put in the Backgrounds. (On the Screeny, can you see the name "Matt" in the cracks? Like that)

Names so far:
Matt2k8 - Done
Krizy - Done
BloodMan101 - Done
N-W-S (Ninja Without Sight) - Done
DocSprite - Done
SupraAddict - Done
DarkSwift (Darkswift2204)
CM53 (ChainSawMuderer53)

If you want your name to appear somewhere in the animation, please ask. But some might not make it on.


Work continues, slowly. But on a brighter side, after or before Teh Line is finished i will be hosting a Teh Dot Collab in the Flash Forum! Anyone who enjoy's the Teh Dot series and likes Flash should join!

I'll give you info when iv'e created the thread! :D

~ Matt

New Animation - Teh Line! ~ Requesting Names To Appear In It!

Some of my Madness Tests, Please Rate!

2009-03-17 17:08:03 by Matt2k8

Okay, that idea of "i'll put something on my page, whatever you tell me" failed. So instead i'm gonna show you guys some Madness Combat Tests, please tell me how they are. They're pretty old now though..

1) A part for a collab. (not finished)

2) Physics Test (I'm Very Proud off)

3) Madness Room Kill (Not finished)

4) Deimos Execution (Physics are terrible, thats why i worked on them Eg: Test 2)

5) Shot Gun Test (I LUL'd)

Thank You.

Teh Dot 3.

2009-03-06 13:47:47 by Matt2k8


Hay guys, so, 2009 ive been sitting on my arse, until recently iv'e decided that i'll make another installment to the Teh Dot series.

Please watch:
Episode 1
Episode 2

Theres no actual story too it but it's pure FBF animation that me and my Baby brother Ryan (Aged 4) are making together to learn him the basics of flash. Episode 2 and 1 were mainly done by Ryan but this time i'm taking over.

So far it has 430 frames and i am on scene 3. It should have atleast 1500 frames in it and alot of fun humor (Not including the credits) Many idea's are flowing through my head and alot of friends have gave me idea's, the ending is already sorted out and alot of other things are to.
If you have any idea's on another scene please leave me a comment or a Pm and i'll get back to you, if you do help me i'll be sure to give your the credit you deserve!

I'm kinda happy most people liked the previous episodes and actualy wanted more. Many people give me idea's and tips on how to make the next episode better and ive listened to all of them.
In anyway you could support me that would be awesome!

A little bit of Screeny's.

More than just a Dot, this time.

Guest apperance: Angry

WTF? A race track? o.O

HD version of picture - Down Below.

Teh Dot 3.